VAPEX 2015 | Kuala Lumpur

Vaping is an absolute phenomenon, on par with any major tech craze, fashion trend, or fad diet out there. Thus, it makes complete sense that a strong community of innovative and creative vapers would organize conventions to celebrate their love of the hobby. It just so happens that several dozen vapers had the same idea, and a handful of such gatherings take place at Viva mall at 4,5 & 6 september 2015 .

It was a long queue on the first day at the register counter with RM3 entrance fee but they manage it fast and makes the queue move fast , Everyone was wondering what is happening in the VAPEX while queue-ing and spying inside from outside....

Quarter end through 2015, showcase the latest and greatest of the vaping community. Here’s all you need to know about the best upcoming vape and e-cig . Coming up fast at the early of September , Vaping in the convention hall is the first biggest vaping event at here . This three-day extravaganza vendors combines the business and pleasure of vaping .

Throughout the convention for networking and information, and a handful of prominent speakers will hold talks . Plus, vaping enthusiasts can enjoy gathering unending amounts of merchandise through the many contests , giveaways, and freebie events held during the event . The venue is prohibitions against indoor vaping especially for this event .

Stricly no below 18 in compound or selling to them.

The vaping community can easily be described in three words: enthusiastic, fanatical, and tight-knit. That is why nearly every vaper you meet knows well the names , Totally Vaping Awesome .

Vapex Expo will be an exciting weekend where vapers can sample new flavors , check out the newest mods, and even face off in a cloud competition or two. You’ll find vaping gear at discounted prices so it’s the perfect time to check out what’s new and stock up on some of your favorites .

The Vapex Expo will feature vapes from hundreds of vendors and everyone who visits will enjoy free samples. The highlight of this event is an appearance with coiling service and sample testing for all the vape juice , all the vendors promoter was kind and warm welcoming all the vapers to try out their juice . 

Official lanyard with this cool design "VAPEX 2015" on it
Vendor of the vaping industry
I'm Not kiding !! Durian Vape juice also got...MUSANG KING!!!
The damage Of the day ....
Here I get my custom made sticker for my IPV4 mod from Heatpro.


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