Rose Tea 2 , Langkawi

On our first meal was Pantai Cenang in Langkawi , While we were looking for somewhere to good to eat we spot this rose tea 2 restaurant and they serve Thai food . We were here for late Lunch thus we are the only table in the restaurant.

It was a very pleasant little restaurant, the service was quick even though it was busy. The waiter was friendly and spoke good English .

There is a large menu & most of the dishes can be ordered in small, medium or large size so you can order serveral smaller dishes to share with others . 

Tom Yam Seafood

Stir Chicken Mushroom

Sour Plum Steam Fish

Stir Kai Lan

Tomato Squid

Omelet onion

Overall we spent RM 200 for six person. 

Rose Tea 2 , Restaurant
1054, Kampung Pantai Cenang,
Mukim Kadau, Langkawi
Tel: 016-4136209


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