M Café by Meesha Sukira , Bukit Damansara

Yo , it was saturday and it is holiday...wuhooo..

Getting myself ready on the evening to attend food review that invited by Foodink , My really first time with Foodink and thanks for the invitation .

What food we gonna review ?
M Café by Meesha Sukira , M Cafe? it is a cafe with special coffee bean brew ? western cuisine ? 

no no no... M Café by Meesha Sukira is a place where malaysian nation can enjoy delicious local homemade Brunch and dinner with friends and family .

At First Meesha Sukira has started their "Batik" business at batu cave and has branded itself that produces glamorous in ‘Batik’ productions for Cloth , Copper Batik Tjaps dishplay , patterns, handcraft, and produce on premium ‘Batik’ traditions .In Year 2013 , the one who manage Meesha Sukira decided to involve into F&B business venturing with merging Batik boutique with a café .

They run a café and boutique together because the food are mostly are home cook and is the best way to enjoy the culture . There was few thing here that done by "Batik" that can be purchase , Purse , Bags , Decoration , Batik Cloth and ETC....

Little gift From Stella Foodink , she make a cupcake for each of us , the cupcake was awesome stella . 

Okay , After introduce with all the "Batik" stuff , come let see what M Cafe doing In F&B section . 

- Ramadhan Dining - M Café by Meesha Sukira - 

This Year Ramadhan , M Cafe announce to be offering Ramadan Buffet RM39.90 per person , It's only RM39.90 per person and you can enjoy the Kampung style and taste , it was definitely Home cook !!

This is Ms. Moriah , she is one of the business partner here Said " all the food that we prepared on the Ramadhan buffet was Cooked by Mother of the big boss here" oh yea , it was truly Malay cuisine .

Daging Masak Hitam
Ikan Pari Assam Pedas
Terung Sambal
Udang Sambal Petai
Sotong Sumbat
Udang Rebung Lemak
The Ramadhan Menu above was just a part of it and more to come on the actual day Bulan Ramadhan started , Get yourself there for a visit at M Café by Meesha Sukira this coming Bulan Ramadhan to see more . 

The Normal day Menu ( all the dish was not normal , it was awesome too)

Sambal Fish Apple Salad (al larte carte)
Ms. Moriah recommended a special dish to us , Sambal Fish Apple Salad and there was a wonderfull story about it . the dish come with Spicy Fish Sambal , apple , cucumber , tomato and lime . (Must Try)

Ms. Moriah learn this dish from the tribal when she climb mount kinabalu while they cooked Spicy Fish Sambal with steam rice that makes their body keep warm at a cold temperature . 
- Thats the Way To Enjoy It -

A small scoop of  Spicy Fish Sambal put it on the apple or cucumber slice.
squeeze the lime on top of it and it is ready to eat.
Hainanese Chicken Chop (al larte carte)
The chinese stlye Fried Chicken Salted Egg (al larte carte)
Seafood Fried Meehoon (al larte carte)

Let's get the dinner begin , everyone started to fill up the rice and taste every dishes on table that will be serve on Bulan Ramadan soon . all the food was awesome gile!! .... The feel just like i'm in a malay kampung house having a meal ...

Before makan also wanna do a decoration...LOL
Photo Credit by : mohdzarin 
Here comes the fam fam Blogger group photo , all the blogger here that I met was famous famous and nice to meet them in personal too . I'm newbie in blogger .... hehe 

First at all Thanks To Foodink , if not I don't even know there was a great hidden gems of malay dishes in Plaza Damansara . Thanks to M Café by Meesha Sukira provide us a great foods and Ms. Moriah have a
great story from great great grandfather to great grandfather till now and alot stories from her till the successful of M Café by Meesha Sukira . Keep It up .

Address : 47 Jalan Medan Setia 1, 
Plaza Damansara, 
Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur
Business hours : Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm (Sunday Closed)


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