Cafe 9 , Section 17

CAFE 9 is a Thai Cuisine and local cuisine , I always have a hard spot for Thai food. Ironically , I'm really into spicy food , My heart melted when I got an invite through Food-inker to visit CAFE 9 .

The meet up was set at 3pm , The shop was located along Jalan 17/45 , even thou I was around this area for few year , I din't even realize there a row shop here and the hidden gem of this CAFE 9 nice thai cuisine that appear , shame of me...hehe

Café 9 is one of the latest dining in this rows of local and thai dining scene . Café 9’s interior decor was simple with thai wall paint and thai elephant statue . The space is bright . The shop started for business almost 10 month refering from the owner of CAFE 9 " MR Jon " .

Huge variety of drink and much more on the menu to order.. 
 This cute elephant welcoming customers to Café 9 at the entrance.
Gaeng Keow Waan , creamy green curry Chicken
Tom Yam Goong , Super Spicy
Tod Mun Goong , with 5 pieces in a plate
Massaman Curry Chicken is a muslim style curry 
Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings
Black Pepper Thai Style Beef Stir Fry
Stir Fry Squid Sam Rod Served with Thau Sweet and Spicy Sauce Style
coconut milk curry seafood (Otak - Otak)
Stir Fry mixed Vegetables
Fried Kangkung 
Pla Naung Monow , one of the signature dish in Café 9. The siakap been steamed with chili padi and lime with it. 
Dancing Fish is Cafe 9′s signature dish
New Zealand Oxtail Soup

The name of Café 9 doesn’t sounds like a Thai shop , it's sound more like cafe but many restaurants with numbers as their shop name in thailand such as Number 6 or Number 9 . this numbers sound like "LUCK" for thai people .

Cafe 9 is a Thai cafe established by 9 family members. 9 in Chinese perspective means ‘Forever’. The boss of Cafe 9 hopes to continuously serve their customer the best forever, as customer satisfaction is always the first priority of this cafe. Moreover, numbers is always more easy to remember than other words, the boss of Cafe 9 hope to give customer to easily remember them when they think of consuming Thai cuisine .

At Cafe 9, you can experience the same taste that you had in Thailand.The food might be more spicy compare to other Thai restaurants, but it is guarantee that this is the real taste from Thailand.Cafe 9 will ensure the quality of every dish before they serve the food to its customer. In addition, the portions are relatively big. In short, Cafe 9 not only provides you with quality food, but also quantity .

No 27, Jalan 17/45
46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Today 10:00am – 10:00pm
Phone: 03-7932 2899


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