Rekindle , Damansara Uptown

Main Photo Coming Soon !!

Rekindle Uptown is located at the same row with Epicuro & Viccuda . they own a unique signboard with a fire element like very power

The Tapping Tapir ( Apple Vanilla & Orange Jasmine )
something new taste of sparkling water....

At The Tapping Tapir , believed in the simplicity of all natural ingredients but celebrate the complexity of flavours that go into making our sparkling sodas

Smoked Salmon Panini
The smoked salmon panini is very tasty! Smoked Salmon and cream cheese cooked on a panini press is a nice light meal . It was ample for me, but too light for my hungry stomach

Roast Beef Panini
This Roast Beef Panini is a great example of that kind of magic. A simple roast beef sandwich


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