FHM Malaysia 100 Most Wanted Women In the World Party 2014

FHM Malaysia hosted its annual "FHM's 100 Most Wanted Women in the World 2014 Party" at Capricorn Club , Kuala Lumpur on Friday 16th January 2015

Over 500 guests comprising FHM readers, celebrities and models attended .. everyone was treated as entertainment on the night by free flow of Carlsberg , blanc 1942 , whiskey and brandy...  

DJ Emily Scott - International Guest DJ Of the night at Capricorn club , Kuala Lumpur ....

Emily Scott is an international model, DJ and writer of electronic music. Emily has graced over 30 covers for magazines such as Maxim and FHM, including 10 covers and features for Playboy Europe. She’s appeared in campaigns for Wonderbra, Lipton Ice Tea and was featured in Robbie William’s show visuals to support his worldwide Rock DJ tour....

Even Thou I don't know her at the first time but I started to know her from now on and I feel myself was lucky to be here and partying with international DJ Emily Scott that was in world ranking ....

The music style of BLISTER is a fusion of punk rock, blues rock, heavy metal and hard rock.
BLISTER is a Hard Rock n Roll band made up of family members.
-Ramon "Solo" Singho - Lead Guitars.
-Mario "Mangz" Singho - Vocals/Rhythm Guitars 
-Julio "Jubz" Singho - Bass/Backing Vocals.
-Darian "Captain" Henry - Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
-Zachary 'Zack Attack' De'Costa - Drums/Percussion.

Dragon Reds - The Band which was the mastermind of Landslyde, of the former Poetic Ammo fame, started out at the end of 2001 with the guitarist Amil Khan and the vocalist Adam Lobo and subsequently to evolutionary changes in the composition, currently features Manshaan Singh on the drums and Camero on Bass. The name Dragon Red was chosen because according to Chinese scripture, the dragon represents strength and courage and the color red represents power and passion which are the elements needed to succeed in the local music industry.

The atmosphere was electrifying and there were endless camera bulbs flashing at the party.

At the last moment end of the party , I had chances to take a photo with Leng Yein ... the new look of her from the recent plastic surgery in Seoul 


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