I Eat Nasi Lemak by Friedchillies , TM Convention Centre

Friedchillies is proud to announce this years final 20 top nasi lemak vendors under 5 different categories. They represent the "best of the best" in their categories and their nasi lemak not only brings the much needed energy to power through your day but also happiness... over a simple plate of rice. This 2nd November at TM Convention Center, anyone who profess that they are nasi lemak fans will congregate to feast on 20 of the best nasi lemaks in town selected specially for you by FriedChillies.

The Event placed at TM Convention centre And the place was huge , I mean from basement carpark to the convention centre for the event that been held , as We see there was crowded and everyone is in the Que at different vendor for the best and try out the nasi Lemak that from all over malaysia 

Warung Rindu Pak Ya

This dynamic duo in Pantai dalam has been doing nasi lemak Pak Ya style for 18 years! Sambal here is plenty spicy and they still serve nasi lemak in little packets. Only two lauks is served here, hot fried chicken and hot fried burung puyuh. Order a freshly fried bullseye egg and mix it up with the rice.
Warung Rindu Pak Ya Rindu started as a small stall run by Pak Ya in Pantai Dalam. His specialty  Fried Quails lightly seasoned with tumeric, pepper, salt and then 

This How We Trade those coupons to foods

Restoran Joyz, Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan

When he opens to sell his nasi lemak sambal ikan keli in Lenggeng, Just a simple nasi lemak bungkus with a piece of ikan keli in sambal but people drive for miles just to get this and go home.How About add on sambal pucuk paku or gulai telur itik (duck's eggs) with that nasi lemak bungkus , Fresh pucuk paku, ikan bilis with a nice heat and telur itik (duck eggs) gulai to go with that. Flavourful and a great combo.

Nasi Lemak Bus Stand 

A husband wife duet, Abang Ramli and Kak Hani runs two stalls in Uptown. Fluffy rice is paired with mellow sambal and they have the most ridiculously delicious ayam masak merah flavoured with kaffir lime leaves and their karipap sardin too... 

R.A Nasi Lemak

You can find R.A Nasi Lemak at Raja Abdullah ( hence the R.A in their name ), near the Dang Wangi police station. A cook named Haji Gedek created most of the popular dishes here and the recipes have remained unchanged since he started selling nasi lemak more than 25 years ago.

Although Haji Gedek is no longer around, his legacy lives on through his grandchildren, Puan Roslin and Encik Fendi. Now, they're the ones handling the business. The business has prospered and nasi lemak fans still flock here every day to get their nasi lemak fix. With so many fans, it's no wonder that R.A goes through 5-6 barrels of rice daily.

Paru goreng at R.A is the dry version where cow lungs are deep fried with ginger and shallots until crispy. To tenderize the lung, they boil it whole for a few minutes before cutting it into thin slices and then frying it. The texture of the lungs is like beef jerky, crisp on the outside and a little chewy when you take a bite.

Sambal sotong is also popular here. The squid is covered with thick sambal while the texture is springy with plenty of bite.

Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant

The sambal eschews onions in favour of Chinese cabbage for pungency while maintaining a thick texture and great heat from the chillies.

Even shreds seaweed to replace ikan bilis because of its similar taste profiles. A highlight lauk is also their Deep Fried Mushrooms that pack some crunch and a meaty flavour. An all vegetarian nasi lemak is one way to make it healthier. The other option is to go on nutrition and organic ingredients.

” Greenlicious’ nasi lemak uses brown rice that is cooked with pandan leaves for the fragrance. But because santan is quite high in fat, Greenlicious uses another way to give their rice its characteristic ‘lemak’. The nasi lemak is served fully loaded with condiments: peanuts, sambal petai and even some keropok.

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

Tanglin brings nasi lemak nostalgia to many people and not just KLites only. Whilst nasi lemak sellers face stiff competition, Tanglin's queue is still long. Perhaps it's the experience they put in that started from way back in 1948. And that's a clear 9 years before the Malaysia achieved Independence.

The beef liver has the sweet sambal way seeping deep into the cuts which makes it that more enjoyable eating.

Tanglin has the usual chicken rendang and sambal sotong among others.  The sambal sotong recipe has ground peanuts giving it a slightly nutty taste with a slight chili kick.

Busy Vendors Staff Packing the nasi lemak non-Stop

Check out some of I Eat Nasi Lemak highlights to look forward to. A picture is worth a thousand words...........

Clean And Clear

Returning sponsor Ayam Brand will be giving out cute paper bags with a box of santan, new sponsor MIRA Gas will be giving out exclusive yellow aprons and ZIP will be giving out their new e-moist "lembut pada tangan" dishwash for FREE. 


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