The Porki Society , Seapark

Thanks for The Porki Team that invite me to attend their soft launch 19 Oct 2014 , The Porki Society is officially open on Wednesday 22th oct For everyone.

The Porki Society Have Four share partners by four friends that stand of Alex, Tee, Desmond and LC that Created a sentence 'extraordinary Thai kitchen.'

This was the 1st and brand new name of boat noodles and of course their will open up their wings for franchise coming on.   

Simple few Foods and Drinks Menu At the moment and Desmond says it will getting more in the future...Just Stay Tune 

As Desmond said ,"The Porki Society is not fully concentrate on the boat noodles but their are specialist more on pork stuff , Since Same concept of boat noodle was everywhere".....

Condiments here are also pretty much the same , Spicy Chillie Flake , Garlic Chillie , Sugar  and Famous Fish Oil.

Every Drink is given with small metal canister mug , keeps the drink and ice chilled last longer . They have Can drinks , fresh coconut and bottle coke.....

I love The colourful wooden table and chairs that resembled the wooden traditional fixtures and one part of the floor at the entrance. 

This what I forget to ask desmond about the name on the wall was different from the signboard "Porki" and "Porky , is it gonna be the same meaning or...The Porki Society as its name indicates, serves only pork. Which is perfect fine for a pork lover like myself. 

The Porki Team Was Busy at the kitchen when their just open the shop . then I was snapping photo Around while waiting mine. 

their boat noodles has two option , either dry or soup and with mee hoon or rice noodles . I try two of each and the noodles comes with Pork ball, liver, small chunk of signature pork and garnished with fried pork lard(豬肉炸) toppings. Each bowl is priced at RM1.90. 

Here Comes the Pork Family , Heaven of Pork

Moo Ping Porki BBQ 
well-marinated BBQ pork that originally abit salty , The Sauce for Dip was marvellous , hope they keep the sauce taste for forever... 

Moo Tun Signature Marinated Pork
heavy with flavours, this Moo Tun signature pork something like braised pork . 

Moo Tod Porki
Moo Tod Porki slice fried pork chop with crispy skins and tender meat, without doubt a good munching snack.

Luk Chin Moo Pork Ball with Soup 
pork ball with strong herbal soup . the porki self made pork ball that tender

Cap Moo Pork Rinds
crunchy bites , Famous And selling at any boat noodle restaurant in malaysia and thailand , I think everyone try this before ba...

Moo Luak Chim Signature Pork 
The pork is marinated with alcohol , tender chewy meat but incredibly addicted . the cook time was just the right time...must try item

Takoh , The Desert
The pandan aroma and smooth texture as well as the base layer injected with ample amount of corn and water chestnuts.

The Hanging light bulb was attractive and the environment is comfortable 

As I said the Porki Society is not fully concentrate on the boat noodles but their are specialist more on pork stuff.
So , at here we don't have to eat a lot as much tall than KLCC , Try Out All Their Pork Family Side Dish.  

The Porki Society
No. 10, Jalan 21/19, 
Seapark Seksyen 21,
46300 Petaling Jaya,

Mon - Sun: 11 am - 3 pm, 6 pm - 10 pm


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