Monkey School , Chiang Mai

Monkey School is located on Maerim – Samoeng Road,  on the way  to  Maesa  waterfall; 5 kms  from Chiang Mai - Fang  road, Amphur Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. 

In its picturesque setting, this show transports you to a pig tailed macaque camp and reveals the incredible bond between the Monkey trainers and their monkeys. Get an insight into the daily happenings in a typical monkey school and see how these intelligent animals work together with their human partners. The school trains monkeys  and  is also  a tourist  spot  where  tourists  can visit  to see amazing shows  and  abilities  of  monkeys  that  have  never  been  seen  in  other  places  before.

he show transports you across the globe to Southeast Asia to view the intelligence of Pigtailed macaque monkeys. During the show, you can expect to receive interesting information and witness spectacular displays of behavior from these monkeys. Stay beyond the show and you might just be one of the lucky few who will Take a photo with monkey.


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