Din Tai Fung , 1 Utama

After We finish The movie"The Equalizer" , we was walking up and down , left and right still can't decide what to eat..

While walking and searching food at old wing , we spot poster of Din Tai Fung stick on one of the wall...and it's wrote  "New Opening"

One of my friend says " Let eat this " , because crawling for Din Tai Fung "siu long pao"

This A "MUST" order item " Siu Long Pao"

The Story

In 1970, Bingyi Yang, the founder of Din Tai Fung started his business selling cooking oil in a small shop. The name Din Tai Fung was a combination of two other shop names. One was Din Mei Oils where Yang bought his oil from. The other was Heng Tai Fung, a shop where Yang began working in when he first arrived from China. Business was good until canned salad oil was introduced to the public, and shops like Din Tai Fung became obsolete.

Yang converted his business into a restaurant selling dumplings and noodles in 1980 and toiled through the years to refine the secret recipe of Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Bao. The end result is a delicious soup-filled dumpling with at least 18 delicate folds. Today, the original outlet still stands on Xinyi Road in Taipei and there are more than 80 Din Tai Fung outlets in 11 countries.

Din Tai Fung has been voted Top 10 Restaurants in the World by The New York Times and has garnered 1 Michelin Star.

Taiwan . Malaysia . China . Japan . Korea . Australia . Indonesia . Hong Kong . United States . Singapore . Thailand

Braised Beef La Mian
Si Chun Spicy Chicken
Shrimp Fried Rice
Pork Chop Fried Rice
Lot/Location:G343A / Ground Floor


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