caberat show , Chiang Mai

Thailand's ladyboy shows are famous and provide outstanding entertainment for the whole family. There are a few venues in Chiang Mai that do this legacy proud. Expect lots of over-the-top costumes, posing and lip-sync glitz. Popular music numbers are performed by 'katoeys' (ladyboys) with fantastic sets and scenes.

A typical show will include elements of humour, glamour and culture, all mixed with classical Thai and western pop influences. 

high-energy series of revues. The costumes are exotic, colorful and lavish, as are the settings on the wide, triple-stage. State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems plus other special effects intensify this magical world of illusion. 

We Took "TUK TUK" back to hotel after the ladyboy show.....
The show cost Us 500 Baht Include the Transport from Hotel To here and here back to hotel... 


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