Cendol Bakar , Kuala Selangor

During a road trip To Sitiawan ,So I headed a ‘pandu lalu’ sign for ‘cendol bakar’.

There are 6 varieties of cendol to choose from:
cendol VIP–nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 2.00
cendol VVIP–pulut+nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 2.50
cendol tapai–pulut+nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 3.00
cendol pulut tapai-pulut+tapai+nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 3.50
cendol durian–durian+nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 3.00

cendol durian pulut–pulut+durian+nata de coco+selasih+jagung+kacang=RM 3.50

We were lucky that we didn’t have to wait long for our turn.
This cendol is an iced dessert, made with coconut milk (santan), palm sugar and green worm-like jelly made with pandan leaves and the price was not cheap folk...

Cendol Bakar takes their rights seriously.

Cendol Durian Pulut
Cendol Pulut Tapai

I don’t think they added any salt in the santan either – a must, if you are going to bring out the flavours in the dessert. No matter, the experience was still a good one, and we don’t mind stopping here for some Cendol Bakar....

And we tried out food from other stall too...
-The amazing Rojak
-keropok Lekor that fried hot from the hot pan
-Special Spicy Fish paste panggang 

Other than cendol, there were also giant curry puffs, otak-otak, chicken wings, mee soto and many other local delights to choose from.

GPS Koordinat : 3.301601, 101.291993


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