Hoe Fong Chicken Rice , Seapark

This Hoe Fong Chicken Rice been Located at Sea Park right infront of the famous Maybank nasi lemak, Restoran Hoe Foong has Started their business almost for 30 years,

Nice chicken rice is hardly to find nowdays . This Chicken Rice is unique as it comes in the form of deep-fried chicken with hot oil . This shop is obviously an old brand as regulars come and go.

I had my visit on saturday afternoon for brunch since have alot good review been giving...
I been turn around for few time just looking for parking,here the parking was limited..park as your luck.

I ordered Chicken Drumstick with thigh and This meal Cost me RM13.50 With A glass chinese Tea(up to date 2014)

25, Jalan 21/17, 
Sea Park, Petaling Jaya., 
46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hours : 9.00am to 3pm daily


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