Garage 51 , Bandar Sunway

It My Birthday !!! ~~OOooh Yeah
It My Birthday !!! ~~OOooh Yeah
It My Birthday !!! Hell Yeah it was my Fxxking birthday !! 
And it was 31st Of JULy!!!

Okay , What I wanna say Here , I dONE MY birthday This year with Low Profile , No Wild party going on This Year coz I admit that I'm Too old for that from now on...

Everyone that knows Me , Knows how the the party going on every year and It was A No for this year DUDE...

Myself getting older , almost Half Of the Frens Been in relationship  and almost half of the fren Get married With child...Not everyone gonna Give A

Just make it A Simple Dinner With My Two Babe that treat me Dinner @ Garage 51 

Their cafe is exactly like the type of place I can hang and chill comes like whole downtown vibe look.The area around here have many car workshops and mechanics, and so we suppose Garage is an awesome name for Garage 51 and definitely the first F&B place of its kind(WORKSHOP GARAGE)in that area....

As a building, the café itself is an absolute like a gem. Done with funky, colourful graffiti and an eye-catching red convertable WV bettle, Garage 51 is literally a sight for sore eyes. 

The Perfect of the exterior continues beautifully inside too. Dangling light bulbs, makeshift furnitures made from oil drums, wooden Steel tables chairs and a kitchen space made from a shipping container 

Okay , I will stop Telling About Garage 51 Until You Guys find out Urself How perfect It was For you...wuahahaha...LET SEE WHAT WE ORDERED....HEHE

Grilled Chicken W Gratin Mushroom Mozarella & Wedges
Grilled Salmon W French Bean,Golden Egg,Idaho Potato & Baked Hollandaise
Lamb shank in au jus, wedges and gremolata.
Hot Chocolate 

One of the biggest cafes in Klang Valley, Garage 51 is your one stop cafe to get your coffee fix, from a wide range of coffee that feeds the caffeine addiction, including Specialty Coffees, Besides their top notch coffee beverages, Garage 51 is a great reason for a place to meet up with friends for some conversations over coffee,
Enjoying The Shank

Garage 51 by Coffee Société
No. 51, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Selangor
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 11am-11pm


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