Caffe Bené , Solaris

Don’t say you’re a Korean Lovers if you haven’t come to this place!
Caffe Bene is a Korean Coffe Shop located in Solaris...

The place is quite interesting, with wood and techno interior, a design that actually is trending in almost every coffe shop in South Korea. The menu is quite diverse, but don’t be surprise if you can only find snacks here. Because of this is a coffe shop, therefore menu in Caffe Bene is around coffe and desserts.

To get your menu, you should go into queue. System in this coffe shop is semi-self service. Because after you done ordering and pay it....

The waiting time is about 15-20 minutes, also depending on the crowd of the day.when the food is ready, the UFO plate will light up and vibrate, indicating that you should head to the food collection counter.

Strawberry Bingsu & Patbingsu
Strawberry Bingsu
This Korean dessert is bottomed with shaved ice, beautifully laced with berries, topped over with a scoop of home-made strawberry gelato and drizzled with milk. Pretty huge for single portion, and more than enough to feed us two. Other options included cookies & cream

the Korean shaved-ice dessert with red bean paste is available in various forms here; the one with Caffe bene's own-made coffee gelato makes the most sense to try here. 

Opera Chocolate
The portion is quite big, could be enjoyed by two to three person.This menu taste delicious when all the topping is mixed into one with the shaved ice. The combination of the shaved ice and the topping feel so delicious. Not too sweet and not too plain. Fresh to be enjoyed in when the dry season.  

Enjoying snacks ala Korea in Caffe Bene is quite satisfying and korean song played in the shop too...
The interior design is using design that still become trend in Korea. So, we don’t have to go far to that country just to enjoy a bowl of fresh Bing Su. Even from the menu and price are relatively the same compare to Caffe Bene in Korea.  

Caffe Bene
K-G-04, Solaris Mon't Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 9:00am-12:00am


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